The Best OSRS Crafting Guide

The Best OSRS Crafting Guide

RuneDeal · on February 13, 2021 (Modified February 27, 2021)

Players in OSRS tend to make money through combat, PVP (PK'ing) combat, or PVE combat. But other players tend to make money by training individual skills or maybe after maxing out a specific skill known as skilling money-making.

Some skills can be used to make money generally in OSRS; Crafting is one.

Crafting is a skill that allows you to create items; these items can be weapons or accessories, for example. It is also free to play skill, making it an even bigger money-making skill due to its wide availability to all the players.

Crafting each item that can be created requires a specific Crafting level and the required materials.

The importance of Crafting OSRS

Crafting OSRS has no specific importance other than trading and making money. It is mainly used to invest your OSRS gold to buy Crafting materials and then sell the Crafted items to the Grand Exchange.

In addition to making OldSchool RuneScape gold, players tend to max Crafting to obtain the Crafting cape, which is obtainable at level 99 Crafting. 

The Crafting cape gives you unlimited teleportations to the Crafting Guild. The spawn location is inside the Crafting Guild (unlike the Skills necklace). That also means you have free teleportation to a bank as long as you wear the Crafting Cape (or having it in your inventory).

Some players may prefer training Crafting through money-making training methods. But in this OSRS Crafting Guide, we will be focusing on how to train it as fast as possible regardless of the cost.

Training your Crafting OSRS as fast as possible (efficiently) is the best choice. You can make money you have spent (during the training) later through the various money-making ways you unlock at the higher levels.

It would be best if you also kept in mind that there are many better money-making methods than Crafting methods. You can obviously train your Crafting to the required level for certain quests to be unlocked if you wish.

But even if you won't make money through Crafting OSRS, it is still better to use the fastest (expensive) training methods, which will be mentioned in this Crafting Guide OSRS.

That's because you will invest your time into a better money-making method to cover the costs rather than wasting it on the cheap techniques.

OSRS Crafting Skillcape
OSRS Crafting Skillcape

How to Train Crafting OSRS

Crafting OSRS items requires materials; the needed materials vary from one item to another. Also, the way you create these items is different; there is the Weaving, the Spinning, etc.

Some of the Crafting ways require a specific place or a device (usually in addition to some tools) to use them, like a Furnace, which is necessary to craft the Jewelry.

Spinning is being done using the Spinning wheel in addition to the required materials. Weaving requires a loom, and Pottery requires a Potter's wheel and Pottery oven.

Tanning Leathers is a Crafting process as well, and it is being done in the Tannery.

These devices can be found on the map in various locations. But we highly recommend using a place near a bank to make the training process much more comfortable.

Some other items like the armor parts will be crafted without devices, but you will need specific tools such as a needle and a thread.

Follow the Crafting Guide OSRS below if you want to reach level 99 Crafting as fast as possible.

Training Crafting generally is not so exhausting compared to other skills. However, it still requires attention, so you don't end up wasting time.

Note: The early Crafting OSRS levels won't require that much money in the following OSRS Crafting guide, but you will need to have a fair amount of money to follow the higher level training methods through the Crafting guide OSRS.


Level 1 to 8

Crafting Leather Gloves

  • Required Tools: Needle & Threads
  • Required Materials: Leathers
  • Required Threads: 23
  • Required Leathers: 112
  • EXP/Item: 13.8
  • Required EXP: 1,546

The early Crafting levels are easy to train and do not cost much. For the first 8 Crafting levels, you will have to Craft Leather Gloves. Each Leather Glove requires 1 Leather to be crafted.

A needle is generally needed to Craft the Leather items, and the Thread is consumed after crafting 5 items. 

That means you will need one needle for the whole process and 1 Thread for every 5 items crafted.

112 Leather Gloves are needed to reach level 8 Crafting, which can be done in around 215 seconds if you barely waste any time.

OSRS Leather Gloves
OSRS Leather Gloves

Level 8 to 33

Crafting Gold Amulets (u)

  • Required Tools: Amulet Mold
  • Required Materials: Gold Bars
  • Required Devices: Furnace
  • Required Gold Bars: 582
  • EXP/Item: 30
  • Required EXP: 17,460

Once you reach level 8 Crafting, you will unlock the ability to craft Gold Amulets (u). They are crafted using a Furnace, and one Amulet Mold is needed to complete the process.

We highly recommend using the Edgeville Furnace as it is very close to the bank. That will allow you to fill and deposit your inventory much faster, which means getting a better OSRS experience ratio.

Crafting one Gold Amulet will earn you 30 EXP and require one Gold bar that can be bought from the Grand Exchange.

Crafting Gold Amulets (u) requires a tiny budget, and you may end up with some profits if you sell the Gold Amulets (u) in the Grand Exchange.

The time needed to reach level 33 through this process is around 20 minutes and possibly less if you don't waste any time.

OSRS Gold Amulets (u)
OSRS Gold Amulets (u)

Level 33 to 42

Crafting Empty Vials

  • Required Tools: Glassblowing pipe
  • Required Materials: Molten Glasses
  • Required Molten Glasses: 780
  • EXP/Item: 35
  • Required EXP: 27,300

Empty Vials are unlocked at level 33 Crafting, and each Vial requires 1 Molten Glass to be crafted. A Glassblowing pipe is also needed to create the Empty Vials.

Glassblowing pipe is generally used to make the glass items, so it is just like the needle; you will only need one Glassblowing pipe to create unlimited glass items.

One Empty Vial gives 35 Crafting EXP, and you should be using this method until level 42, which can be done in 26 minutes (or less if you are quick enough).

Crafting Empty Vials requires no devices, making it easier for you to stand near any bank to boost the whole process.

Note that you may end up with no profits during this process. In fact, you will lose money instead.

OSRS Empty Vial
OSRS Empty Vial

Level 42 to 46

Crafting Fishbowls

  • Required Tools: Glassblowing pipe
  • Required Materials: Molten Glasses
  • Required Molten Glasses: 529
  • EXP/Item: 42.5
  • Required EXP: 22,483

Same as crafting Empty Vials, you will need a Glassblowing pipe as a Crafting tool as well as Molten Glasses.

Fishbowl is identified as a glass item, it requires one Molten Glass each, and you will earn 42.5 Crafting EXP.

The process also requires no devices, so feel free to do it anywhere near a bank.

Crafting Fishbowls is expensive, and you may end up losing money rather than making any profits, but it is still worth it.

To reach level 46 through Crafting Fishbowls, you will need around 18 minutes.

OSRS Crafting Fishbowls
OSRS Crafting Fishbowls

Level 46 to 54

Crafting Unpowered Orbs

  • Required Tools: Glassblowing pipe
  • Required Materials: Molten Glasses
  • Required Molten Glasses: 1,579
  • EXP/Item: 52.5
  • Required EXP: 82,898

The Unpowered Orbs are just another glass item, which means a Glassblowing pipe is needed.

One Unpowered Orb requires one Molten Glass, and it gives 52.5 Crafting EXP.

This training method requires more money than the other two glass item methods as it requires much more Molten Glasses.

You will also make no profits during this process, so keep that in mind.

You will be able to craft Unpowered Orbs at level 46, and you should keep doing that until level 54, which can be done in less than 52 minutes.

OSRS Unpowered Orb
OSRS Unpowered Orb

Level 54 to 58

Crafting Water Battlestaves

  • Required Materials: Water Orbs & Battlestaves
  • Required Water Orbs: 736
  • Required Battlestaves: 736
  • EXP/Item: 100
  • Required EXP: 73,600

After reaching level 54, Crafting, you will be introduced to Crafting Water Battlestaves. Each Water Battlestaff requires one Water Orb and one Battlestaff.

This Crafting process requires no devices at all; you will need to combine both the Water Orb and the Battlestaff, and the rest of your inventory will be Crafted one by one automatically.

But keep in mind that you will save a lot of time if you do it manually.

Crafting Water Battlestaves is where it gets serious spending money and ending up with no profits. But in return, you will end up with a huge EXP ratio compared to the other methods mentioned earlier.

Crafting Water Battlestaves gives an EXP ratio of 245,000/Hour, where Crafting Unpowered Orbs gives 90,000/Hour.

Although it requires a lot of money to use this method, it is still not that expensive as the higher Crafting levels.

Less than 30minutes is needed to reach level 58 through Crafting Water Battlestaves.

Crafting Water Battlestaves
Crafting Water Battlestaves

Level 58~62

Crafting Earth Battlestaves

  • Required Materials: Earth Orbs & Battlestaves
  • Required Earth Orbs: 972
  • Required Battlestaves: 972
  • EXP/Item: 112.5
  • Required EXP: 109,350

Like Crafting Water Battlestaves, you will need to spend a lot of money to use this process.

Crafting one Earth Battlestaff gives 112.5 EXP and requires one Earth Orb and one Battlestaff.

This method is actually slightly less expensive compared to the Water Battlestaves crafting. Still, the required Earth Battlestaves are more, which makes them relatively equal.

You can start crafting Earth Battlestaves at level 58, and you will need 35 minutes to reach level 62 if you do it efficiently.

Crafting Earth Battlestaves
Crafting Earth Battlestaves

Level 62 to 63

Crafting Fire Battlestaves

  • Required Materials: Fire Orbs & Battlestaves
  • Required Earth Orbs: 279
  • Required Battlestaves: 279
  • EXP/Item: 125
  • Required EXP: 34,875

At level 62 Crafting, you should start crafting Fire Battlestaves until only level 63. The process is concise, and you can actually keep crafting Earth Battlestaves instead if you wish.

We recommend this as it saves some minutes of your time and almost costs the same money.

Crafting one Fire Battlestaff requires one Fire Orb and one Battlestaff. Each Fire Battlestaff gives 125 Crafting EXP.

To reach level 63, you will spend 12 minutes for the whole process. No profits should be expected at the end of the process.

Crafting Fire Battlestaves
Crafting Fire Battlestaves

Level 63 to 71

Crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies

  • Required Tools: Needle & Threads
  • Required Materials: Green Dragon Leathers
  • Required Green Dragon Leathers: 7,194
  • Required Threads: 480
  • EXP/Item: 186
  • Required EXP: 446,028

Reaching level 63, Crafting will unlock the ability to Craft Dragonhide items. Starting with the Green Dragonhide Bodies, you will need three Green Dragon Leathers to craft one Green Dragonhide Body.

A Needle and some Threads are needed to craft the Dragonhide Bodies.

Crafting one Green Dragonhide Body gives 186 EXP and requires no devices. That means you are free to stand wherever you want (highly recommended near a bank).

It would be best to crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies until level 71, which will take around 85 minutes.

This method doesn't require as much money as crafting Battlestaves to start with, but the money lost during the process is probably more. Thus you will end up losing more money.

Green Dragonhide Body
Green Dragonhide Body

Level 71 to 77

Crafting Blue Dragonhide Bodies

  • Required Tools: Needle & Threads
  • Required Materials: Blue Dragon Leathers
  • Required Blue Dragon Leathers: 9,447
  • Required Threads: 630
  • EXP/Item: 210
  • Required EXP: 661,290

It is another Dragonhide Crafting method, but it costs more money than the Green Dragonhide Bodies. The funds lost after selling the Blue Dragonhide Bodies is also more.

Crafting Blue Dragonhide Bodies has an excellent OldSchool RuneScape experience ratio, and it can be done at level 71 Crafting. 

Three Blue Dragon Leathers are required to craft one Blue Dragon Body, and you will earn 210 EXP.

It would be best if you kept crafting Blue Dragonhide Bodies until level 77, and that will take 105 minutes, more or less.

Blue Dragonhide Body Equipped
Blue Dragonhide Body Equipped

Level 77 to 84

Crafting Red Dragonhide Bodies

  • Required Tools: Needle & Threads
  • Required Materials: Red Dragon Leathers
  • Required Red Dragon Leathers: 18,921
  • Required Threads: 1,262
  • EXP/Item: 234
  • Required EXP: 1,475,838

To craft Red Dragonhide Bodies, you will need to reach level 77 Crafting.

Crafting one Red Dragonhide Body requires three Red Dragon Leathers, and it gives 234 EXP.

The expected money to lose during this process is a lot, and you are also required to have a decent amount of money to start using this method.

200 minutes is the lowest time you take to train all the way until level 84 Crafting.

Red Dragonhide Body Equipped
Red Dragonhide Body Equipped

Level 84 to 99

Crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies

  • Required Tools: Needle & Threads
  • Required Materials: Black Dragon Leathers
  • Required Black Dragon Leathers: 134,406
  • Required Threads: 8,961
  • EXP/Item: 258
  • Required EXP: 11,558,916

The fastest way to reach level 99 from level 84 is by Crafting Black Dragonhide Bodies. Note that you won't be able to craft them before level 84.

This method is the most expensive in this Crafting guide OSRS, as it requires an extreme amount of money to start doing it. Not to mention the money lost after selling the Black Dragonhide Bodies.

But with that being said, it probably has the next Crafting EXP Ratio in the game. And you will end up covering the money you have spent later as you will unlock perfect Crafting money making methods.

Crafting one Black Dragonhide Body requires three Black Dragon Leathers, with each Body giving 258 EXP.

To reach level 99, you will need to spend more than 23 hours.

Black Dragonhide Body Equipped
Black Dragonhide Body Equipped


Reaching level 99, Crafting is not mandatory. Still, if you are making money through skilling and want that Crafting cape, you shouldn't hesitate to spend money on training it.

Even if you are not after the cape or making money through skilling, it is better to use a quick way to train to reach your goal as time is the most valuable thing in OSRS.

Note: Pay attention to the buy limit for each of the methods mentioned in this OSRS Crafting Guide. We highly recommend using multiple accounts to solve this issue.