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OSRS where to buy accounts?

It takes a long time to build a decent OSRS account, not to mention a high-level account. New players may find it very difficult to get into the top tier of the OSRS community. And in a result, they tend to buy OSRS accounts instead. However, buying OSRS accounts is not something done only by new players. Active players usually buy OSRS accounts for multi-tasking or many other reasons.

But the problem generally would be where to buy OSRS accounts? Choosing the best place to buy OSRS account is very important due to the risk involved. Any mistake from the shop’s side most probably will lead your account into a permanent suspension. Not to mention the chance of getting scammed if you end up dealing with an imposter.

To find the best site to buy OSRS accounts cheap, you need to pay attention to the site’s reputation. Their feedback should be helpful in this case, but generally their overall history. Some places might have a good record, but you will still find some customers unsatisfied with the offered services. This may be because of many reasons, one of them is the quickness of the delivery. Lack of having enough agents to cope with the orders is going to slow any delivery.

That’s why aiming for a very high-quality site is a wise decision. But, of course, it would help if you had everything to be done professionally, which is how RSDaddy is doing it. RSDaddy is one of the most experienced shops in the market with a glorious history. Customer convenience is what we care about in RSDaddy, thus caring about your safety or the service quality shouldn’t be a thing.

It is illegal to buy OSRS accounts since it is a form of real-world trading, but RSDaddy can do it without worrying about anything. So we are the best when it comes to buying OSRS accounts.

Trusting is another factor you should consider when you are about to buy OSRS accounts. That is because some places will usually recover the account after selling it, which is scamming.

RSDaddy has never been involved in any kind of suspicious activity in the past and will never do in the future. This is because we do not care about profits more than gaining the trust of our clients.

Where is a safe place to buy OSRS accounts?

The most secure place to buy an OSRS account is the right question to ask when you are about to buy OSRS account. A safe place can be identified by how experienced they are and how trustworthy they can be.

The best place to buy an OSRS account is where you can find 0 negative reviews regarding anything, not just the cases of getting banned. To avoid dealing with the wrong place, you have to ignore any unknown person or site in the game. Communicating in-game chat should never be done since it is the easiest way to gain Jagex’s attention.

Professional places are many in the market, but if you want high-quality service paired with safety, then RSDaddy is where to buy OSRS accounts.

How to properly buy OSRS accounts?

If you want to buy OSRS accounts, you should know what kind of OSRS accounts you want. For example, is it a max combat account? Or a skilling account as an alternative? Or are you a new player and want a complete package account?

Questions like these should be considered to know how to buy an OSRS account properly once you have decided what kind of OSRS account you want. After that, you should contact the shop you are dealing with to proceed with the rest of the steps.

But if you don’t know the best place to buy OSRS accounts and have never dealt with any shop before, then RSDaddy is your answer. We make it very simple for our clients to buy OSRS accounts as we have a wide variety of OSRS accounts to choose from. Any kind of OSRS account you wish to purchase is available on our website.

Just visit our website and go to the Buy OSRS accounts section to check the available OSRS accounts. Once you have chosen the account, you will be directed to the payment page. After paying the cash, one of our many agents will communicate with you via the website’s chat to give you the full account details.

You should also note that we will never communicate with our customers via in-game chat. It is only something amateur, and suspicious sites would do.

RSDaddy will also offer the best prices in the market; thus, you should deal with us to buy an OSRS account cheap. We also have many payment options so you won’t have to worry about how to pay the money. Therefore, reaching the most OSRS players around the world is one of our main targets.

How to safely buy OSRS accounts?

If it is your first time buying OSRS accounts, there are many things to be aware of. You might have seen players asking How to buy OSRS accounts undetected, and you didn’t understand what they meant. Well, Buying an OSRS account may sound risky as you will find it hard to trust the other side. But this is not the only thing you should worry about since you can get punished if you get detected by the game’s owner.

So to go undetected, you need to find the best site to buy OSRS accounts. The safety factor is the shop’s job, not the customer’s responsibility. This means when you deal with a professional place, you shouldn’t worry about anything at all; follow their steps.

A place like RSDaddy will let you know everything you need to complete the deal safely. In addition to the customer support service, you can communicate with the shop if you have a problem. Although the customer support team’s main job is to help the clients when a problem occurs, they will also answer any question you have in mind.

The OSRS accounts listed in RSDaddy for sale are created and trained by hand from the beginning. Therefore, making the case of recovering the account by someone else in the future is impossible. Also, it is another reason why our sold account will never get banned for using 3rd party programs.

Can my OSRS account get banned after buying it?

The answer is yes only if you are dealing with the wrong place to buy OSRS accounts. But if you are dealing with a top-rated shop like us, you should never be worried about that.

Reasons your account may get banned after buying it when dealing with a suspicious unknown place are many. If they have used a bot program to train and build their accounts, then you will most likely end up being banned right after buying the account.

They may also have used the account in many OSRS gold or OSRS item selling and buying activities. And since they are inexperienced companies, they might have got their account flagged by Jagex. Thus they will all get banned eventually in the future, if not immediately.

Also, if the deal got detected by Jagex regardless of any bot activity or suspicious activity on the account in the past, you would easily get banned.

OSRS accounts created by RSDaddy are manually trained by a group of employees working 24/7 to deliver any OSRS account you will ever need. Any OSRS account in our list has never been involved in any gold trading before, even if we do it very safely with a 0% chance of getting banned. So you will receive an account that has never bought or sold OSRS gold/items.

Can I Pre-Order OSRS accounts?

Highly rated online OSRS shops will have the pre-order option to buy OSRS accounts. The pre-order option is helpful if there is a lack of OSRS accounts in the shop’s list.

Pre-ordering is also very useful if you want a specific OSRS account to be built for you. In this case, you will have to pre-order it, and a specific duration will be given to you to receive your account. Keep in mind that you can’t modify your order once our team starts working on it, so think well before placing an order.

Be sure that we will never use any form of bot or illegal program to build our accounts. Instead, we use 100% human resources to make our accounts safe for our customers.

Can I buy OSRS accounts with gold?

The currency to pay for OSRS accounts is usually real-world currency. But some shops like us are allowing you to buy OSRS accounts with gold. This option is helpful if you don’t have enough real money to buy OSRS accounts, or maybe you don’t want any personal details to be involved. Keep in mind that some places may allow you to buy OSRS accounts with gold, but they won’t do it properly.

Buying OSRS accounts with gold is not the only secure way available in RSDaddy; you can also use Cryptocurrency instead. Cryptocurrency is a very safe way to deal with anything on the internet, and that’s why we allow using it on our website.

Once you contact our agent on the website, he will let you know the exact amount of OSRS gold you need to pay. The amount is specified depending on the market prices of that time. After that, the agent will meet you in-game to receive the required OSRS gold to receive your account.

You can also use OSRS gold to pre-order custom accounts via RSDaddy. You will follow the same steps, but you will receive your account after the duration needed to be created.

Buy OSRS accounts secure

Finding a top-rated company is the most reliable way to buy OSRS accounts. That’s because they will never involve any form of illegal program in the process of building the account.

They will also be experienced enough not to get caught by Jagex and provide all the security factors for their customers. So worrying about losing your account at any time is not possible, especially if you are dealing with RSDaddy to buy OSRS account.

How to buy OSRS accounts cheap?

The OSRS market is currently full of very cheap offers to buy OSRS accounts due to many reasons. Cheap doesn’t always mean a reasonable offer, and it may have hidden meanings and usually wrong meanings. But as a buyer, the most important thing you should think about is a reliable way to buy OSRS accounts.

Many unreliable companies will provide cheap OSRS accounts since creating them didn’t cost them much. Most of the time, they use 3rd party programs to build their accounts, which makes the chance of banning these accounts very high.

Also, other reasons may be different than using a bot program, like having the account involved in many suspicious activities before selling it to the client. So when you prefer buying an OSRS account cheap, you will sacrifice your safety. In other words, it isn’t worth it.

That’s the reason why RSDaddy doesn’t sell very cheap OSRS accounts because we build our accounts usually by ourselves. However, our prices are low compared to the other professional shops, but not very affordable since we have worked hard to create them.

Wanting to buy OSRS accounts cheap while maintaining the safety of the account is only done in RSDaddy.

Can I buy wealthy OSRS accounts?

Most OSRS accounts are sold without having any wealth on them, just the untradeable items gained during the building process. To buy OSRS accounts with wealth on them in the form of OSRS gold or items, you will have to make an extra order.

The pre-order service can also allow you to order an account to be delivered with a specific level of wealth. You can specify the amount of OSRS gold you need on it, or you can tell our agent what kind of items you need the account to obtain.

The price for OSRS gold/items ordered will be paid as an extra price to the account price. However, you can also order the wealth you need after receiving the account instead as a separate service. The level of wealth you want to have on the ordered account has no limits. We will provide any amounts needed according to the client’s desire.

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