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  • For how much can I sell OSRS items?

    OSRS items prices are constantly changing due to market fluctuation, but we will make sure to give you the best offer to sell OSRS items.

  • Do I get paid instantly for selling my OSRS items?

    Yes, just right after trading your OSRS items with us, the money will be sent through the chosen payment method.

    To know more about available pay-out methods to sell OSRS items, you can contact customer support.

  • Why should I sell OSRS items to RSDaddy?

    We will buy your OSRS items for a very competitive price, and we offer instant pay-out with multiple pay-out methods.

  • Is RSDaddy a safe place to sell OSRS items?

    Yes, we are the safest place to sell OSRS items in the market.

    We have years of experience and use only secure ways to deal with our customers.

Where to sell OSRS items?

Making real money out of playing Old School Runescape is something you can do very often. While the game is fun to play, some people would only play it to make money for their living. This can only be applied to a partition of the community, and it even includes some suspicious groups of OSRS gold farmers.

That doesn’t mean OSRS players do not play for fun; it only means two other types exist in the OSRS community. You can play for fun and make extra money simultaneously, or you can be only playing for making money.

But one thing they have in common when it comes to making real money is where to sell OSRS items for cash. The place to sell OSRS items should be highly considered. That is because selling OSRS items is not a legal act, and it has a chance of leading you to a permanent suspension.

In the OSRS items market, many companies sell OSRS items, and there is a big part of it being brand new companies. These brand new companies are the main danger as they don’t know how to act professionally. All they think about as a beginner in the market is how to make profits. Focusing on making profits will lead you to destruction.

To be qualified for the field of OSRS gold or items, you need to have enough experience in the market, or at least the knowledge to protect your clients. These companies can be the cause of banning your account by making just one silly mistake, such as using only one account to deliver the items or buy OSRS items. This will highly flag their account and damage any other player involved in a trade process with them.

Amateur companies like these may gain the needed experience, but they would have a terrible reputation by then. On the other side, the greedy OSRS items shops sell or buy illegal OSRS items or gold. Trading with them is contagious; the moment you do it, you will highly get banned. They are probably doing it only because they can buy OSRS gold for a meager price since it is illegal.

There are other cons if you want to sell OSRS items, such as scammed or probably getting hacked. But it will most likely happen if you are going to sell OSRS items to someone you don’t know or a place with a bad reputation. Businesses and people like these will only lure you into getting your OSRS items, and they usually aim for the new players with no experience.

RSDaddy is where you should sell OSRS items as we have been for a long time in the market. Thus, we have enough experience to protect you from Jagex, and we know all the ways not to get noticed by them. Noone was ever banned as a result of dealing with us.

Where to sell Leather items OSRS?

As a new player, you would be seeking the best ways to make OSRS gold to buy OSRS items high enough for your journey. One of the methods new players tend to do is selling Leather items. Leather items can be crafted by obtaining Leather, and then you can sell them to the Grand Exchange.

Being an Ironman would be a problem is a different story in this case. Ironman players tend to make money this way, but it gets harder as you can’t use the Grand Exchange to sell OSRS items. So, the place where ironman players tend to sell Leather items is the Archery shop. The price is low, but this is where to sell Leather items OSRS as an ironman player.

OSRS how to sell items in bulk?

If you are wondering how to sell OSRS items in bulk for OSRS gold and you don’t know how because of how limited the inventory slots are. Then you should know that you can withdraw any amount of items you need from your bank in the form of notes. Placing noted items in the Grand exchange is suitable for selling many items, but it may take a long time depending on how valuable these items are.

But if you are wondering how to sell OSRS items for the OSRS shops in the market. Then the topic will be around precious items, not the very cheap ones.

You can sell OSRS items for cash, but choosing where to do it is not easy, especially if you have no idea about selling OSRS items. Some places might scam you, and others may leave you in pain due to banning your account.

This can happen if you are not aware of the company’s reputation you are dealing with. Dealing with inexperienced companies is very risky as they don’t know how to deal with their clients safely.

Dealing with RSDaddy is your best choice; in this case, we are the most professional shop you will find in the market to sell OSRS items for cash.

OSRS how to sell items for the best price?

Selling OSRS items can be done in two ways, either for OSRS gold or for real money. Once a player obtains a valuable OSRS item, they either use it for themselves or think about selling it for cash. It depends on what kind of OSRS player you are. If you are only playing for fun, then you will use it for your account progress. If you are playing for fun but you are already rich, you might think about making cash for this extra wealth. But if you are playing OSRS as a job, you will sell OSRS items for money.

The thing is, in what form would you sell OSRS items? Are you going to sell them for cash or OSRS gold first directly? This is a question many people would ask since there is almost no difference, or maybe there is?

To sell OSRS items in the Grand exchange for OSRS gold will depend on the other players’ current offers for your items. You may end up waiting for days to sell your item for a reasonable price. This is not a big problem for some players, but it may be a big one if you need to sell it as soon as possible. So, selling OSRS items for the best price in-game requires being patient, and it will end up with you waiting for maybe a long time.

But instead, you can directly sell OSRS items for cash. Doing that via some OSRS real-world trading companies is better if nobody is interested in buying your OSRS items from the Grand exchange.

The price at which you can sell OSRS items for the shops is related to the OSRS gold price and the item value. The thing is, you won’t need to wait for someone to buy your item. You are going to sell it instantly.

Of course, there is a significant risk in doing that, but this risk is only involved if you deal with inexperienced shops. They don’t know how to protect their customers from any harm caused by Jagex.

RSDaddy, on the contrary, is a professional shop where you can sell OSRS items for cash safely without any issues. We also have many payment options which will make it easier for you to receive your money.

How to sell OSRS items is not a very hard question to answer when dealing with RSDaddy. We have some simple steps to complete the deal.

Access our website and contact one of our agents through the website chat to sell OSRS items for the best prices in the market. The agent will provide you with more information on how to deliver the item to us and how you will receive the cash. There is also another option to sell your OSRS items for OSRS gold through us! You can easily do it and receive 100% Legit OSRS gold without having to wait for a long time.

Where to sell items as a hardcore OSRS?

It is straightforward to sell OSRS items for cash if you are dealing with us. But as a hardcore ironman player, where would you do that?

For the regular player, trading between accounts is allowed and selling items to the Grand Exchange. But for ironmans, it is not possible to do any form of trading with other players.

Obtaining an OSRS item that you have already acquired on your ironman account is a big disappointment as you can’t sell it. But don’t worry because you can sell it and make a real money profit out of it. To sell OSRS items as a hardcore ironman, you need to do a tricky form of trading called ‘Drop trading.’

Drop trading means you will drop whatever item you need to sell to us, and our agent will pick the item. But there is a risk of doing such a thing as any other player can pick the item once visible on the ground. This risk is most likely to happen only when you are dealing with any other shop than RSDaddy.

In RSDaddy, we will secure the trading process with ease, and in case of any accidents (which never happened before), you will get your item back without any issues. Our customer support will also take care of any issues after selling your OSRS items to us.

How to quickly buy and sell items in OSRS?

When OSRS players think about becoming rich, they ask themselves questions such as how long to sell items OSRS?

To quickly buy and sell items in OSRS for OSRS gold via the Grand Exchange, you need to bypass the buy limit. The buy limit is applied to the items you can buy from the Grand Exchange. It can be a big problem for some players while they are trying to make money. To bypass it, you will need to have another OSRS account to buy the more items you need from the Grand exchange.

But in case of talking about how to sell OSRS items for cash quickly, you first need to know where to sell OSRS items for money. The best place to do that will be 100% a professional, experienced shop like is.

Quickness is one of the things a top-rated shop should have, and reliability and high-quality service. RSDaddy has all of this combined as we deliver our services very fast with a high level of customer support. Our customers will always find it very easy to sell OSRS items for cash because our customer convenience is the most important thing.

OSRS, what Iron items sell the most F2P?

Making money in the F2P worlds can be challenging, significantly if you want to move to the member worlds. Crafting Iron items to sell for OSRS gold can be an excellent way to do that. But which items can be sold quickly?

Items like Iron plates are a good choice, but it always depends on the market prices. In F2P worlds, you won’t always make profits.

Why can’t I sell some items in OSRS?

Some items cannot be sold in OSRS via the Grand exchange or even via OSRS gold shops. That is because you need the item to be tradeable in the first place to be sold in any possible way.

Untradeable OSRS items cannot be sold, but they can be bought. Buying untradeable items such as the Firecape can be done through us. Receiving your first Firecape will take no time, and you will pay a meager price for it.

However, doing such a thing requires you to deal with a reliable, trustworthy company like us. That is because you will be required to give your account details to the company’s agent.

But if you are having a hard time trying to sell OSRS items as an ironman, then RSDaddy is your solution. You can quickly sell them to us via Drop trading, and it will take a short time with the highest level of security.

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