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  • At what price can I sell my RS3 Items?

    There is no fixed price for each RS3 item since RS3 market prices constantly change.

    You can check the rates to sell RS3 items with our customer support.

  • When will I get paid for selling my RS3 item?

    You will receive the payment immediately after delivering your item to us.

  • Can RSDaddy guarantee my safety?

    Yes, RSDaddy's highest priority is the satisfaction and security of the customer.

    You can check what other customers are thinking about us by visiting our feedback page.

  • How will I receive the money?

    Before selling RS3 items, you can choose which payment method you prefer to get paid with.

    To know more about available pay-out methods, you can ask customer support.

Where to sell RS3 items?

Runescape 3 is a game where you can make some cash while enjoying the gameplay and the improved graphics compared to OSRS. A big part of the game community focuses only on making money. Others are enjoying the game without making any money out of it.

There are significant groups of people dedicating themselves to farming RS3 gold instead of having a job in real life. And most of them are not collecting RS3 gold using the legit methods. So they are one of the main reasons why Jagex can detect some deals by following the dirty RS3 gold.

Whether you play for fun or you want to make profits, there will be one of the critical questions you must ask yourself, where to sell rs3 items? This might be the most important thing ever in the real-world trading field. Of course, it would help if you were looking for the most secure place ever to provide safety for yourself.

This question is crucial because Jagex would ban you for doing any real-world trading activity, which means that selling RS3 items is prohibited. So by going to the wrong place, you are risking suspending your precious RS3 account forever.

The most dangerous thing regarding these companies is how inexperienced they are. Lacking enough experience is going to damage their customers. New inexperienced companies do exist in the market so often, but generally, you will find different companies to sell RS3 items. Thus their reputation will be so bad as long as they don't care about improving their service.

Being able to find the balance needed to provide high-quality service and make profits at the same time is not for everyone. Of course, you need to provide safety for your customers in the first place. But these amateur shops wouldn't even care about your safety. For example, they would overuse their accounts for trading or complete their deals in the most known real-world trading places. In other words, they are careless.

This act of being careless will result in a wave of bans for anyone who has dealt with them, and they will end up with a bad reputation. Thus, to avoid these companies, you need to know more about them, or go ahead and deal with the known ones.

In addition to these careless companies, you also need to avoid dealing with illegal RS3 OSRS. Making any trading with them will infect your account and probably suspend it. So a place to sell RS3 items should never be one of them.

The best place to sell RS3 items is highly rated shops like RSDaddy since they have gained enough experience to make any deal 100% safe. Jagex has never managed to ban any of our customers during the past years.

Can I get scammed if I sell RS3 items?

Getting scammed in RS3 is often happening, especially to the new players, due to the lack of knowledge. Trying to sell RS3 items for the first time can be very tricky. There is a big chance you will get scammed if you deal with random people in the game. They will probably offer high prices for your items to blind you by the money. Many scam sites will also use the same way to scam as many RS3 items as they can.

To avoid any chance of getting scammed, you should avoid any unknown person or site. Try to sell RS3 items to the known sites only which have a good reputation in RS3. RSDaddy is one of those and probably the best one you will find.

Where to sell +1 items RS3?

You should sell your +1 RS3 items in the same place where you should sell your regular RS3 items. This place is where you find safe and top-notch quality service. Just try to avoid any suspicious places at all costs not to get banned or scammed at any moment.

What items sell on RS3?

When you decide to make real money by playing RS3, you may wonder what kind of RS3 items can be sold for online shops. Can it be an item for any value? And how many items can I sell for these shops?

Most of the online shops wouldn't accept buying RS3 items with low value. Meaning that to sell RS3 items, the items should be of a high value, not a few thousand coins worths. Also, any tradeable item can be sold to online shops for real money. But in RSDaddy, we also offer to buy your RS3 items for RS3 gold as an option.

RS3, why can't you sell certain items?

In RS3, there are the tradeable items and the untradeable items. Tradeable items can be sold without any problem to any RS3 shop you can find in the market. On the other hand, untradeable items cannot be sold in any form unless you are going to sell your whole RS3 account.

There is also another case where you can't sell tradeable RS3 items in-game as an ironman. But that doesn't mean you cannot sell them for online shops.

Untradeable items cannot be sold, but they can be bought from any professional RS3 shop. But doing such a thing requires having a long experience of doing it and the highest level of safety. Thus, to buy any untradeable item, you should contact RSDaddy for the safest deals possible.

RS3, how to sell items?

First of all, to sell RS3 items, you should find a good place that provides safe and top-quality service. And by saying top-quality service, it means fast delivery and accuracy dates. Even after completing the deal, they would contact you to make sure you are satisfied by dealing with them.

RSDaddy is one of these places and probably the best one ever to make the customer satisfied. We have a clean history without any incidents of suspended customers, which is a thing to be proud of. However, the reasons behind the chance of getting banned when you sell RS3 items are many. So to avoid the suspicious places where you can quickly get banned or scammed, you better deal with RSDaddy.

To sell RS3 items through RSDaddy, you need to visit our sell RS3 items section, where you will see our prices. After that, you can contact our agent over the website chat. The agent will let you know all the details regarding the deals and how you will deliver the item to us.

Receiving your money when you deal with RSDaddy is faster than any other place. In addition to the wide variety of payment options, we have so you can choose the most suitable way to receive your cash. You can also choose to receive RS3 gold instead if you would like to; it is totally up to you.

What makes us the best place when it comes to where to sell RS3 items is our customer support service. A very high-quality support system will be available for you in case of any problems.

Should I sell RS3 items for cash or RS3 gold?

Selling RS3 items for RS3 gold is not a bad idea, but it can take a long time to be sold for a reasonable price. But when you sell it to an online shop, it is usually done instantly, especially if the shop is a high-quality one. RSDaddy is your solution if you want to sell RS3 items quickly and safely.

It is also technically much safer to sell RS3 items instead of RS3 gold, but that doesn't matter as long as you deal with RSDaddy. Of course, it is totally up to you at the end of the day, but saving your time should be the most important thing.

How to sell RS3 items in Ironman mode?

As long as the item is tradeable, you can sell it from your RS3 account to an online shop. But ironman players would struggle to make use of the extra items they gain. For example, achieving the same type of an item twice as an Ironman is disappointing. That is because you can't simply sell RS3 items to the Grand Exchange in the ironman mode.

But is there a solution to this problem? Will, you just put a valuable item in the bank to rust, or you better make some cash out of it? No, because there is always a solution for everything and the answer, in this case, is Drop trading.

To sell RS3 items as an ironman, you need a professional online shop to arrange a drop trading deal. Drop trading is when you drop your item on the ground, and then it becomes available on the ground for anyone else. This sort of trading needs you to be very careful and generally an excellent RS3 items shop capable of securing the process.

But don't worry because in RSDaddy, we secure this sort of trading, and you should also know that it is legit to drop trade. The only danger involved is when another person picks the item instead. However, this can be solved by using the treasure chest.

The treasure chest, obtained after completing Carnillean Rising, is another way to sell RS3 items as an ironman, and it is even more secure. The players will put an item inside the chest and bury it in a specific place. Another player can be found where he can open the chest and get the item inside of it as a reward.

Controlling the chest is done via the treasure chest Keyring, obtained once the player buries the chest. The owner decides the way of opening the chest via the Keyring. For example, the owner can set a PIN as a requirement to open the chest. Or a key is given to the other player to be able to find the chest.

How can I get paid for selling RS3 items?

Getting paid for selling RS3 items can be done in various ways. It can be either PayPal, skrill, cryptocurrency, or any other way. But this is generally not possible for a lot of RS3 shops.

A company having a few payment options is not caring about customer convenience; thus, it is not a reliable company. Identifying a good shop can be done by checking their payment options. The less they have, the lower quality they are.

RSDaddy, on the contrary, is offering a lot of payment methods to pay for their customer's RS3 items. For example, the same techniques are used to buy RS3 gold from RSDaddy. Most of our customers prefer using cryptocurrency to get paid as it is very secure for the customers' personal information. Others might select PayPal or skrill, which are also available. Just check the payment page when you visit RSDaddy website if you are looking for a specific payment option.

How to quickly sell RS3 items

How fast the RS3 items can be sold depends on what company you will sell RS3 items to. Where to sell RS3 items is very important if you want to save time. A top company would complete the deal very fast to maintain high-quality service for their customers.

Other shops may take hours to complete just one deal due to how inexperienced they are, or probably because of the lack of employees. Having enough employees will boost how quickly a deal can be done. That's why in RSDaddy, we complete our sales in a short time as we are available 24/7 for your service. Just visit our website if you want to sell RS3 items as fast as possible.

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