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  • Is it safe to swap RS3 gold with us?

    Yes! We have completed swap RS3 gold deals many times before without any complaints from our customers.

  • Can I get banned for swapping RS3 gold?

    No, you will never get banned for swapping RS3 gold.

    Jagex has never listed RS3 gold swap as an illegal act.

  • Do I receive my OSRS gold instantly?

    Yes, once you give us your RS3 gold, the OSRS gold will be given to your OSRS account immediately.

  • Where to find someone to swap RS3 gold?

    It is always pretty hard to find someone to swap your RS3 gold; thus, dealing with us is your safest choice.

  • What would make me trust you?

    We have been swapping RS3 gold for years, and you can check our customers’ feedback.

How to swap RS3 gold for 07?

Do you want to convert all of your RS3 gold to 07 but don’t know how to do that? Probably the only answer that came across your mind is by selling your RS3 gold first to be able to buy an equal amount of OSRS gold.

Well, you can swap RS3 gold to 07 without having to sell your RS3 gold. Yet, there is a high risk in doing so if you choose not to do it through a known Runescape gold company.

The risk involved is how you can trust the other swapper, as he can easily scam your RS3 gold. Players usually swap RS3 gold to OSRS when they are about to quit RS3; starting with many OSRS gold is a much better feeling than being broke.

To swap RS3 gold to OSRS, you need to give whatever amount of RS3 gold you want to exchange to the other person’s account in RS3. Then he will trade the equal amount of OSRS gold back to you in OSRS. Doing that is not illegal, and there is no chance you will get banned by Jagex.

Usually, to move your RS3 wealth to OSRS, swapping is not the only way. But to save your time, it is highly recommended to swap RS3 gold to OSRS directly.

Scamming is still a thing, but you can easily avoid it by dealing with RSDaddy.

Generally, it is much safer to swap RS3 gold rather than buy OSRS gold, but both have the same safety level if you are dealing with us. Also, the exchange rate we have in RSDaddy is much better than in many other places.

When you swap RS3 gold to OSRS, don’t expect to get the same amount of gold. RS3 gold is much cheaper than OSRS gold; thus, what you will get in OSRS is less than the original amount of RS3 gold.

There are some places where you will find a fantastic exchange rate, but these are primarily scammers, especially if they are unknown companies. The exchange rate is decided according to the prices of OSRS gold and RS3 gold.

This means companies with ridiculously high exchange rates are pretty much suspicious. These companies are either scammers or have been buying illegal Runescape gold without considering the negative effect on their customers.

What is the RS07-RS3 gold swap?

RS07-RS3 gold swap is the activity of transferring OSRS gold to RS3 or RS3 gold to OSRS. RS07 means Old School Runescape, but it is just a different naming.

How to swap RS3 gold for 07 gold is not so hard but has the risk of getting scammed.

However, places like RSDaddy make it safe for such an activity. Our advice is not to deal with anybody you don’t know to swap your RS3 gold.

Swap RS3 gold to OSRS Minimum

To swap RS3 gold to OSRS, you need to have at least enough RS3 gold to match the value of 1 million of OSRS gold. Having less than that would make it difficult to swap and probably not worth the time.

There is also nothing like a limit or maximum amount of swapping RS3 gold to OSRS. As long as the person you are trading with has enough money to convert your RS3 gold, there is no restriction to take into account.

In RSDaddy, we offer the swap RS3 gold to OSRS service, and we can provide any amount of OSRS gold you want at any time.

How does RS3 gold swap to OSRS work?

One account in OSRS is needed to be able to get the OSRS gold delivered on it. First of all, if you are dealing with an individual, you both need to agree on a special exchange rate for swapping the gold.

If you don’t agree on the exchange rate or find it very different from the official prices, it is better to avoid swapping.

Trading your RS3 gold first to the other person is the usual thing to do; thus, the trust factor is the issue for individuals. However, dealing with us would make it easier for you.

To swap RS3 gold to OSRS through RSDaddy, visit our website and go to the swapping section to use an exchange calculator. Use it to know how much OSRS gold you would receive, and after that, you can proceed with our agent.

The communication will be done through the website chat and will never be done via in-game chat under any circumstances. Also, be sure that we will deliver the OSRS gold quickly once you successfully trade the RS3 gold to us.

If anything wrong happens during the swap deal (which is unlikely to happen), our support team will help you solve it as fast as possible. They will also provide you with information on the procedures you need to swap RS3 gold to OSRS or anything else regarding selling or buying Runescape gold.

How can I swap 100M RS3 to OSRS gold?

The amount of RS3 gold you can swap to OSRS gold doesn’t matter as long as it is enough to equal 1 million OSRS gold. That is because it is a legit thing to do, so thinking about the quantity is pointless.

How to find someone to swap OSRS gold for RS3 gold or vice versa should be your concern. But since we offer this service, you shouldn’t care about such a thing.

A total of 100M RS3 gold will be far less when it is converted to OSRS gold. You can check the exact number through our website. Giving us 100M OSRS gold is done through communication between you and one of our agents, who will tell you exactly how to swap RS3 gold to OSRS.

A few minutes is all that it takes to receive the gold in OSRS after confirming the first step. And in case of the occurrence of any issue, you can contact our support team.

Note that we will never ask you about any personal details or anything that would allow us to access your account, such as providing your password.

How to swap gold between RS3 and OSRS?

Some players may get confused when they read about swapping gold between RS3 and OSRS. They would mostly think it is possible to get the same amount of RS3 gold to OSRS, which is wrong.

The value of RS3 gold is not the exact value of OSRS gold, which means you will receive far less amount of OSRS gold on the other end.

Jagex doesn’t provide a magical tool to convert your RS3 gold to OSRS gold instantly. That means, to swap RS3 gold to OSRS, you need to find someone with enough wealth in OSRS to exchange with you.

Or you can use our swapping service instead of exhausting yourself to find someone, not to mention how to trust him/her.

How to find someone to swap OSRS gold for RS3 gold?

Swapping OSRS gold for RS3 gold is just the same as swapping RS3 gold for OSRS gold. Both of them work in the same way, but the only difference is the quantity you receive. If you want to swap OSRS gold for RS3 gold, the RS3 gold you receive will be much more than your current OSRS gold.

To find someone rich to do this, you can start searching through the popular Runescape discord servers or in-game chat. But at the end of the day, it is not so easy to find someone, especially if you will swap a considerable amount of OSRS gold.

Even after finding the person, you need to trust each other, which is hard to do nowadays.

That’s why RSDaddy is offering a service to exchange all of your OSRS gold to RS3, no matter how significant the amount is. We also have a very high-quality customer support system to help you before and after completing the deal in case of any problems. So instead of asking how to find someone to swap OSRS gold, you better contact us.

How to swap RS3 gold for 07 2017

You either do it by dealing with wealthy OSRS players or through a famous Runescape gold shop. Finding someone could be difficult and so risky as you can easily get scammed.

But dealing with us will provide everything you need and in the shortest possible time ever.

Also, keep in mind that you might end up getting not only scammed but also banned if you deal with any inexperienced or suspicious person.

The suspension of your account can only happen if that person has been involved in a non-legit Runescape gold transaction in general, which was obtained by any illegal method such as some 3rd party programs.

Can you swap RS3 gold on one account and receive OSRS gold on another?

Using the same account to swap gold between RS3 and OSRS is what usually happens. But how to swap RS3 gold for 07 using two different accounts? Is it even possible?

It is possible, but it may consume more time than usual, and you may end up with many mistakes if you are not doing it via RSDaddy.

Swapping is filled with risks when you don’t know what you are doing. You can lose all of your wealth in a moment if you are not careful.

To swap RS3 gold on one account and receive OSRS gold on the other, you need to inform the other person of doing that in the first place. The regular thing to do is to trade your RS3 gold to the other player in RS3 after agreeing on a specific exchange rate.

Then depending on how trustworthy the other player is, he should provide you with the OSRS gold on the account you choose to receive on.

Be aware of the risk it takes when it comes to swapping, as you may end up being banned if the other guy has an illegal Runescape gold. So avoiding changing with individuals even if they have amazing offers is the best thing you should do for your security.

Is it against the rules to swap RS3 gold to OSRS gold?

As the majority of Runescape players know, Jagex doesn’t allow any form of real-world trading. This doesn’t include selling or buying Runescape gold only; it also includes selling or buying items and accounts.

When we speak about swapping, some players may get confused and think it is a form of actual word trading, but it is not. That’s why Jagex doesn’t punish anybody for swapping gold.

So what is the risk involved when you swap RS3 gold to OSRS? Or why would you find some common questions flooding the community, such as how to swap RS3 gold to OSRS safely?

Swapping is based on trust because there is nothing to prove that the other person will deliver the gold. Thus, people tend to stay away from random swappers not to get scammed, and recently some gold shops have provided a swapping service to solve the issue.

However, some of these Runescape gold shops may be involved in illegal gold transactions, which will put you at the risk of getting punished if you deal with them.

Illegal gold stock is going to put you at the risk of getting banned. And this is the only way you may get banned for swapping. Yes, you are not performing an illegal act, but Jagex won’t be able to tell whether you are guilty or not.

So the best thing you can do to avoid anything like that is to find a top-rated company with a high rating to swap RS3 gold to OSRS safely.

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