Loyalty Program


Bronze Loyalty Rank 0 - 50 pts.


Iron Loyalty Rank 50 - 150 pts.


Steel Loyalty Rank 150 - 300 pts.


Mithril Loyalty Rank 300 - 500 pts.


Adamant Loyalty Rank 500 - 700 pts.


Rune Loyalty Rank 700 - 900 pts.


Dragon Loyalty Rank 900 - 1100 pts.


Barrows Loyalty Rank 1100 - 1300 pts.


Bandos Loyalty Rank 1300 - 1500 pts.


Armadyl Loyalty Rank 1500 - 9999+ pts.

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Loyalty Program Explained

In RSDaddy, we offer an immensely customer-friendly Loyalty Program that would make every dollar you spend here worth more than its expected value.

Spending money in RSDaddy doesn’t revolve around buying Runescape Gold only; you can spend money on any other Runescape service we offer, and you would still earn Loyalty points.

For each dollar you spend here, you would get 1 Loyalty Point when not using promo code. By collecting these Loyalty points, you will exchange them for spins on various reward wheels. These rewards wheels contain Runescape High-end items, OSRS Bonds, Runescape Gold, and other items.

That means you may end up getting a Runescape item that has a very high value as a bonus to the Runescape Gold you have ordered through RSDaddy.

But you can only achieve it by spending more money in the RSDaddy shop in the first place. The more dollars you spend, the more Loyalty Points you would get, and of course, the more reward wheels you could redeem.

Loyalty Tiers & Their Benefits

You can end up getting more than just one Loyalty point per one dollar spent by entering a Loyalty higher tier. Our Loyalty Program in RSDaddy is made of different levels, with each can be unlocked by spending a specific amount of money.

The higher the tier you reach, the more Loyalty Points you can earn for every dollar you spend.

We have ten different Loyalty Tiers, but entering a higher tier will make a big difference for the Loyalty points you would get.

The lowest tier has the primary Loyalty point per dollar spent bonus, one Loyalty point per dollar spent.

Not just that, we also offer a Cashback service of up to 5% on your spendings!

The value of some rewards may even be higher than the amount of money you have spent if you have one of the highest Loyalty tiers.

For example, by spending 500$ in the RSDaddy shop, you can end up with Runescape items with a higher value than 500$ by using your Loyalty points to claim the Loyalty Reward wheels.

Receiving Loyalty Points and Rewards

Getting your Loyalty points added to your RSDaddy account is instant. Just place your order, and the points will be automatically added to your account once the order is delivered successfully.

Receiving your Loyalty rewards by exchanging your accumulated Loyalty points is always instantly unless there is a specific item in the GE. If that happens, then the item value will be delivered to you in the form of Runescape Gold.

Also, if you are a F2P player, you can still redeem P2P Runescape items by exchanging your Loyalty points. The items will be delivered to your account in the form of Runescape Gold equal to the value of the items.

In RSDaddy, we help you benefit from every dollar you spend in our shop, making the value of each dollar almost double.

You are not only paying for Runescape services or Runescape Gold; you are also using your money to make a very beneficial long-term investment that would end up cutting almost half of the original price of the Runescape services we offer.

We are simply building our system in favor of the customer, making every single dollar you spend here a long-term investment for your Runescape journey.

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