P2P OSRS Money-Making: The Best Methods

P2P OSRS Money-Making: The Best Methods

RuneDeal · on January 31, 2021 (Modified January 31, 2021)

There are several ways to make money in the OSRS P2P worlds, unlike the F2P worlds, where the money-making methods are minimal and not very profitable.

P2P OSRS money making can be combat-related, skilling, or even PVP-related. That makes people search for the best money making OSRS ways because not all P2P money-making ways are efficient.

Some may require much time with low profits in return, while others can be done with shallow effort and considerable profit. Not just time, some methods may be very complicated and hard to apply, in addition to requiring very high skill levels or quest achievements or tasks to be completed.

Why do you want to make OSRS gold?

But the real question is, why do you want to make OSRS gold? Is it to get a higher tier gear and grind more bosses? Is it for PK'ing and to keep going again after losing? Is it for making a real-money profit, or are you addicted to staking at the sand casino?

It would help if you asked yourself these questions once you get your first OSRS membership bond ever, whether you paid real money to obtain it or made money in the F2P worlds and bought it from the Grand Exchange.

Depending on your answer, you will figure out which method is the best for you. That is mostly because not all the players will prefer doing the same way even if it has the highest profit in the game.

For example, a PVP player may lack PVE experience and might prefer a non-combat skilling method over any other PVE way to make money.

But in this guide, we will only focus on some of the best money making OSRS ways in terms of Gold per Hour and the requirements/efforts needed. In essence, we won't take the purpose of making money into consideration.

The following methods in this guide will only focus on OSRS combat money-making, which are the best ways to gain money in the P2P OSRS world.

Also, note that these P2P OSRS money-making ways below have different requirements and difficulties.


Make OSRS Gold With Lizardman Shamans

Lizardman Shamans
Lizardman Shamans
  • Gold/Hr: 400K~1M (excluding the Dragon Warhammer)
  • Required OSRS Gold: 1.3M
  • Difficulty: Medium

Grinding Lizardman Shamans is one of the best OSRS combat money-making ways. It gives a decent money per hour ratio compared to the medium requirements.

Also, the money per hour ratio can be much better in the long term because of the chance of obtaining the Dragon Warhammer while killing the Shamans.

But first of all, you must complete the following quests to follow the rest of this method.

The Quests

  • Goblin diplomacy
  • Priest in peril
  • Observatory
  • Sheep shearer
  • Restless ghost
  • Murder Mystery
  • Dwarf cannon
  • Ernest, the chicken
  • Animal magnetism

These quests are not that difficult and are required to unlock some other requirements for killing the Lizardman Shamans efficiently.

After completing the quests, you will need to get the following requirements.

The Requirements

  • Shayzien Armour T5;
  • At least level 40 Prayer;
  • At least level 61 Ranged.

Also, having at least 50 Hitpoints is recommended.

Obtaining the Shayzien Armour T5 requires having 100% in Shayzien's favor. You will need the Shayzien Armour T5 to avoid the Shaman's deadly spitting attack that is supposed to do severe damage to you.

While wearing the Shayzien Armour T5, the poisonous spitting attack won't affect you, resulting in 0 damage.

Shayzien Armour T5
Shayzien Armour T5

Level 40 Prayer is needed to enable the ability to use the Protect from Missiles prayer. This prayer is a must for this method to prevent any damage from the Shaman's regular attack.

Having a higher level of prayer will make the whole process more efficient as you would use fewer Prayer potions and use the Eagle Eye prayer.

The Eagle Eye prayer boosts your Ranged stats by 15%, helping you apply more damage and make more money per hour.

The Ranged weapon you will use for killing the Lizardman Shamans is a crossbow. The recommended crossbow for beginners is the Rune crossbow. After that, you can upgrade to the Armadyl crossbow if you can afford it, but it requires having level 70 Ranged.

The recommended kind of Bolts to use is the Adamant bolts as they are not that expensive, and their Ranged Strength is still excellent.

The Recommended Gear

One thing that makes this method very good for any OSRS player is how cheap the gear required.

  1. Shayzien Armour T5
  2. Rune Crossbow (Adamant Bolts)
  3. Accumulator
  4. Ring of Wealth
  5. Amulet of Glory (or something better)
  6. D'Hide Shield
Shayzien Armour T5 in Inventory
CaptionShayzien Armour T5 in Inventory

Ring of Wealth is highly recommended as it automatically collects the Gold for you, saving you time and preventing you from taking damage while collecting it. It also makes a way out for you as it has a Teleport directly to the Grand Exchange.

The Recommended Inventory

  • 2x Antidote++ potion (4 doses)
  • 3x Ranging potion (4 doses)
  • 11x Prayer potion (4 doses)
  • 3x Stamina potion (4 doses)
  • Nature and Fire Runes
  • The Dwarf Cannon (consists of 4 pieces)
  • 1500x Cannon Ball
  • 2 Pieces of any good Food

The food is recommended to handle some early attacks while installing the Dwarf Cannon.

Nature and Fire Runes are recommended to use High Alchemy on the drops (except the unique drops) to turn them into Gold and save inventory slots, thus staying much longer.

Map Location

The Lizardman Shamans spot is located west of the Kingdom of Gear Kourend, in the Lizardman Canyon (the western side).

Lizardman Shamans spot
Lizardman Shamans spot

The best option to get there is by using the Xeric Talisman to teleport to the Xeric's Look-Out and walk to the Lizardman Canyon.

But obtaining the Xeric's Talisman requires you to kill some Shamans as you cannot buy it from the Grand Exchange. So the other teleport option to get there is by using the Skills Necklace to teleport to the Woodcutting Guild.

The fastest option is to use the Fairy Ring transportation DJR, but it requires starting the Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen quest.

Once you reach the Western Lizardman Canyon, install your Dwarf Cannon in the far North-Western corner and start attacking the Lizardman Shamans while hugging the wall.

Note: Do not forget to use your Antidote potion as well as your Protect from Missiles Prayer, so you don't die instantly.

Hugging the wall is a must to avoid their Jump attack, which can cause severe damage. They can also Melee attack you, so try to keep distance between you and the nearest Shaman.

Protect from Missiles Prayer
Protect from Missiles Prayer

Please pay attention to the purple minions and try to stay at least two tiles away from them before they explode.

This method should give you a decent money per hour enough to buy new supplies and make profits. And if we count the Dragon Warhammer in, which has a chance of 1/5000 to drop, you would make around 38M by selling it!

Following this method, you may end up with 120 kills per trip, and the trip would last for 55 mins.

Brutal Red Dragons Money-Making Method

Brutal Red Dragons
Brutal Red Dragons
  • Gold/Hr: 400K~500k (excluding the Draconic Visage)
  • Required OSRS Gold: 1.6M~7.5M
  • Difficulty: Low

Killing Brutal Red Dragons is very easy as you don't do that much to survive. Some players consider it as an AFK OSRS combat money making method for that reason alone.

There are no requirements for this method, neither quest requirements nor skill requirements, but there are still recommended stats.

The Recommended Stats

  • At least level 75 Ranged;
  • At least level 37 Prayer;
  • At least 70 Hitpoints.

The recommended Prayer level is to unlock the Protect from Magic prayer, but it is advised to have a higher Prayer level so your trip can last much longer.

The Recommended Gear

What makes this method even better is that it doesn't require expensive gear, and it depends on your budget. So upgrading your equipment to make more money per hour is totally up to you.

  1. God D'hide Set (use Barrows Gloves if possible)
  2. Rune Crossbow (Adamant Bolts) or better
  3. Ava's Accumulator or better
  4. Ring of Wealth (or Archer's Ring)
  5. Amulet of Glory or better
  6. Odium Ward (or Book of Law)

The Recommended Inventory

  • 3x Extended Antifire potion(4 doses)
  • 4x Ranging potion (4 doses)
  • 10x Prayer potion (4 doses)
  • A way to teleport out (If not the Ring of Wealth)

The rest of the inventory should be empty to collect the items you would get by killing the Brutal Red Dragons.

A way out can be Xeric's Talisman's Xeric's Heart teleport to the Kingdom of Gear Kourend and bank in the castle.

Map Location

The Brutal Red Dragons are located inside the Catacombs of Kourend, North-West of the main ladder. You can quickly know their location once you open the map inside the Catacombs, as you will find their name written on the map location.

Courend Castle

Catacombs of Kourend
Catacombs of Kourend

You can get to the Catacombs of Kourend by using the Xeric's Talisman (Xeric's Heart teleport) to the statue above it.

Once you get there, you can unlock the Brutal Dragons shortcut (the North-Western ladder), making it easier for you to reach the spot later using the Xeric's Talisman (Xeric's Inferno teleport) later.

Note: You should only attack the Brutal Red Dragon to find the black ones and the blue ones in the area.

Brutal Red Dragon
Brutal Red Dragon

How to kill

Killing the Brutal Red Dragons is so easy; use your Antifire Potion, boost your Ranged level by the Ranging potion, prayer Protect from Magic, keep distance and start attacking.

The Brutal Red Dragons will not damage you as long as you use the Antifire potion paired with the Protect from Magic prayer.

You should expect around 30 kills per hour, totally depending on your gear.

Also, the Draconic Visage is a unique drop you can get with a chance of 1/10000, and you can sell it for around 3.5M at the Grand Exchange.

OldSchool RuneScape Giant Mole

OldSchool RuneScape Giant Mole
OldSchool RuneScape Giant Mole
  • Gold/Hr: 700K~900K
  • Required Gold: 2.6M
  • Difficulty: Low

The Giant Mole is an OldSchool RuneScape boss, and it is considered an easy boss if you have completed the Falador Hard Diary and why it will be explained later.

The money you can make by killing it is dependent on your performance as you will have to chase the boss from time to time.

There are no quest requirements for this method, but some recommendations and stats requirements follow this guide.

The Requirements

  • At least level 70 Melee, Strength, and Defence;
  • At least level 43 Prayer;
  • At least level 70 Hitpoints (It is highly recommended to have 90+)

The required prayer level is for unlocking the Protect from Melee Prayer as you would only get attacked by the Melee combat style.

The Recommended Gear

  1. Dharok the Wretched's Set
  2. Falador shield 3
  3. Firecape
  4. Dragon boots or better
  5. Combat Bracelet or better (Barrows Gloves if possible)
  6. Ring of Wealth (or any good Melee Ring)
  7. Amulet of Glory or better
  8. Any Blessing (increases your Prayer bonus)

It is highly recommended to use Dharok the Wretched's Set and reduce your Hitpoints to 1 point so you can apply more damage to the Giant Mole.

Having more than 90 Hitpoints is very useful as it will result in more damage to the Giant Mole when you reduce it to 1 point (using the Dharok's Set).

Note that the Giant Mole will never apply damage to you as long as you Pray Protect from Melee.

The Falador Shield 3 is obtained by completing the Falador Hard Diary, and it is used to track the Giant Mole, which saves your time.

The Recommended Inventory

  • Spade
  • Dwarven Rock Cake
  • Any Light Source ( Inextinguishable if possible)
  • Falador Shield 3
  • A way to teleport out (Ring of Wealth or Teleport to POH)
  • 10x Prayer potion (4 Doses)
  • 3x Super Combat potion (4 Doses)
  • 3~4x Stamina potion (4 Doses)

The Spade is used for digging in the Falador Park's Mole holes as the Giant Mole is located underneath it.

Falador Park's Mole holes
Falador Park's Mole holes

The Dwarven Rock Cake is required to reduce your Hitpoints to 1 point so you can apply more damage using the Dharok's Set.

Dharok's Set Effect
Dharok's Set Effect

The Light Source is needed to lighten the area beneath the Falador Park, and this is required to kill the Giant Mole.

The Falador Shield 3 is highly recommended in this guide, and it will boost your Gold per Hour ratio.

Map location

The Giant Mole is located beneath Falador Park, and you can get to the Falador Park by using Ring of Wealth teleport.

Falador Park
Falador Park

The Giant Mole's most annoying mechanism is teleporting away from you to another location during the fight. That's why the Falador Shield 3 is highly recommended, as it tracks the Giant Mole through arrows on the minimap.

How to kill

The Giant Mole will not damage you with praying Protect from Melee. To kill it, you have to track it using the Falador Shield 3 and keep applying damage to it.

One Giant Mole needs around 1 minute to be killed, and it totally depends on how fast you track it.

Around 900K per hour should be expected, but it can be less or more depending on your combat stats.