OSRS Money-Making: P2P & Non-P2P Techniques

OSRS Money-Making: P2P & Non-P2P Techniques

RuneDeal · on February 05, 2021

The beginning of your Old School Runescape journey is usually not the same as any other player, but there is only one common thing all the beginners share, which is how to make money.

Whether you have started your journey in the F2P worlds, making your way to the P2P worlds, or you have decided to buy a membership Bond and went directly to the P2P worlds. Both scenarios will always need a way to make money to achieve a specific target.

P2P players would aim for the best possible gear setup to enjoy the game like the other end-game players, and the reasons to make money in the P2P worlds are many. One of these reasons may be to train some skills in the fastest possible way to level 99.

But if you have decided to make your way to the P2P worlds without paying real money, then making money in the game would be your highest priority.

In this guide, we will introduce a decent collection of F2P and P2P OSRS money making methods. These methods will include OSRS combat money-making and OSRS low-level money-making.

So, if you are a F2P player, you would easily know your way even after buying the first OSRS bond.

Picking Cowhides

Picking Cowhides in OSRS
Picking Cowhides in OSRS
  • Type: F2P & P2P
  • Required Gold: None
  • Difficulty: Very Low
  • Gold/Hr: 35K

This method consists of picking the Cowhides by killing low-level Cows in Lumbridge. Collect the Cowhides and sell them directly to the Grand Exchange. There are no requirements for this method, go and kill the Cows.

"The Cows will always drop a Cowhide each, that means your profit is always guaranteed, and it only depends on how fast you kill them.

After having a full inventory of Cowhides, head back to Lumbridge to bank your inventory and repeat the process.

Each Cowhide can be sold for around 120 Gold Coins, which is kinda decent for a low-level F2P character to begin with."

You can also tan the Cowhides instead of selling them. Tanning them should earn you extra money once you sell them.

"You can make extra profit and increase your Gold per Hour ratio to 55K~60K by tanning the Cowhides you pick into Soft Leathers.

This can be done at Al Kharid Tannery, and it requires one gold coin for each Cowhide to be turned into a Soft Leather. Each Soft Leather currently can be sold for 175 Gold coins."


This method should be a decent method for a beginner to make some money and invest in other better F2P OSRS money-making methods.


Flipping OSRS Items

Flipping OSRS Items
Flipping OSRS Items
  • Type: F2P & P2P
  • Required Gold: At least 100K
  • Difficulty: Very Low
  • Gold/Hr: Depends, can be up to millions

Flipping is probably the easiest way to make money without effort in both F2P and P2P worlds, but it requires a reasonable budget to start with and take some risky decisions.

"It requires no combat or any contact with the monsters; you are standing near the Grand Exchange the whole time. So, we can call it as one of the OSRS low-level money making methods."

You can start flipping items by watching the market prices and pick the best item with a stable price margin. The process consists of buying and reselling for a higher price.

"For example, you can buy 1K of Fire Rune for 4 Gold coins each, sell them back for 5~6 Gold coins each and make 1K~2K profits in no time without any efforts."

"To avoid Flipping fails, you must pay attention to the market prices and target the item that has a good price margin. You can make it easier by using the GE-tracker API to watch the prices and some useful graphs."

This method is always good when you have already made some money by following any other way requiring no money.

Picking Wine of Zamorak

Picking Wine of Zamorak
Picking Wine of Zamorak
  • Type: F2P & P2P
  • Required Gold: 30~40k
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Gold/Hr: 220~250k

It is probably considered the most profitable F2P OSRS money making method. It consists of using the Telekinetic Grab spell for picking Wine of Zamorak at the Chaos Temple, located north of Falador.

"Although this money-making method is a very profitable one, it requires kinda medium requirements to be able to follow it.

The requirements are:

  • 500 total levels
  • Wizard's Mind Bomb
  • Law and Water runes, as well as the staff of air
  • Any good food
  • Medium Hitpoints level (above level 20)
  • At least Level 37 Magic
  • Zamorak robe top and bottom

Inside the Chaos Temple, you will find two floors: the first floor contains several unaggressive Monks and one Wine of Zamorak, the second floor contains another Wine of Zamorak as well as unaggressive Monks.

However, the second floor cannot be accessed unless you have 500 total levels at least."

Getting attacked by the Monks is dangerous, so pay attention to your Magic level and your Hitpoints.

"Using a Telekinetic Grab on the first floor's Wine of Zamorak will make all the Monks inside become aggressive, and your stats, including your Magic level, will be decreased every time the Monks attack you.

And that's why you will need to bring Wizard's Mind Bomb and Food to restore your Magic level as well as your Hitpoints."

It is recommended to use this method to give you enough money to buy the Bond unless you want to use the Flipping method.

Brutal Red Dragons

Brutal Red Dragons
Brutal Red Dragons
  • Type: P2P
  • Required Gold: 1.6M~7.5M
  • Difficulty: Low
  • RuneScape Gold/Hr: 400K~500k (excluding the Draconic Visage)

Brutal Red Dragons loot can be very profitable if you have perfect gear and thus killing them efficiently, but it is still a decent method to make money in the P2P with standard equipment.

You don't need anything to start killing Brutal Red Dragons, head to their location and start making money.

"There are no requirements for this method, neither quest requirements nor skill requirements, but there are still recommended stats for it.

The Recommended Stats:

  • At least level 75 Ranged;
  • At least level 37 Prayer;
  • At least 70 Hitpoints.

The recommended Prayer level is to unlock the Protect from Magic prayer, but it is advised to have a higher Prayer level so your trip can last much longer."

We have recommended a particular gear that is enough to reach around 500K per hour.

  1. God D'hide Set (use Barrows Gloves if possible)
  2. Rune Crossbow (Adamant Bolts) or better
  3. Ava's Accumulator or better
  4. Ring of Wealth (or Archer's Ring)
  5. Amulet of Glory or better
  6. Odium Ward (or Book of Law)

Note that the Brutal Red Dragons will apply 0 damage to you when you use Antifire potion paired with Protect from Magic prayer.

The location of them is north of the Catacombs of Kouren's main ladder; you will quickly see it on the map.

You should also expect a unique drop called Draconic Visage; it can be sold for 3.5M to increase your Gold/Hr ratio.

Lizardman Shamans

Lizardman Shamans
OSRS Lizardman Shamans
  • Type: P2P
  • Required Gold: 1.3M
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Gold/Hr: 400K~1M (excluding the Dragon Warhammer)

This is probably the best method to make money for the medium-level characters as it requires not very high requirements and gives very good money in the long run.

"Also, the money per hour ratio can be much better in the long term because of the chance of obtaining the Dragon Warhammer while killing the Shamans."

There are individual requirements for this method; some of them are quests to be completed.

The Quests:

  • Goblin diplomacy
  • Priest in peril
  • Observatory
  • Sheep shearer
  • Restless ghost
  • Murder Mystery
  • Dwarf cannon
  • Ernest, the chicken
  • Animal magnetism

The Requirements:

  • Shayzien Armour T5;
  • At least level 40 Prayer;
  • At least level 61 Ranged.

The Shayzien Armour T5 is essential; it is easily a must for this guide.

"While wearing the Shayzien Armour T5, the poisonous spitting attack won't affect you, resulting in receiving 0 damage."

We recommend the following gear setup for the most efficient grinding using an affordable setup.

  1. Shayzien Armour T5
  2. Rune Crossbow (Adamant Bolts)
  3. Ava's Accumulator
  4. Ring of Wealth
  5. Amulet of Glory (or something better)

The Dwarf Cannon is also instrumental and can be considered a must for this guide.

The Lizardman Shamans are found in the western Lizardman Canyon, west of the Kingdom of Gear Kourend.

Killing them is not that easy, but the more time you spend there, the more comfortable you will be able to kill them. Just try to avoid their Jump and melee attack while installing your Dwarf Cannon.

"Hugging the wall is a must so you can avoid their Jump attack, which can cause severe damage. They can also Melee attack you, so try to keep distance between you and the nearest Shaman."

You will also need to bring an Antidote potion to avoid getting poisoned since the Shayzien Armour T5 won't prevent the poisonous effect.

You can obtain the Dragon Warhammer by killing the Lizardman Shamans; it can be sold for 35M!

We recommend this method if you meet the requirements above as you can easily hit level 99 Ranged while making a considerable profit.

Giant Mole Money-Making Method

Giant Mole Money-Making Method
Giant Mole Money-Making Method
  • Type: P2P
  • Required OSRS Gold:  2.6M
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Gold/Hr: 700K~900K

Killing the Giant Mole can be annoying for some players, but in general, it is worth the time as it has a perfect money per hour ratio if you do it efficiently.

"The money you can make by killing it is dependent on your performance as you will have to chase the boss from time to time."

The Giant Mole is located beneath the Falador Park, which can be accessed using a Spade on the Mole holes inside the Park.

You won't need any requirements to unlock this method, but as always, we have some recommendations to make the best out of it.

The Requirements:

  • At least level 70 Melee, Strength, and Defence;
  • At least level 43 Prayer;
  • At least level 70 Hitpoints (It is highly recommended to have 90+).

"The required prayer level is for unlocking the Protect from Melee Prayer as you would only get attacked by the Melee combat style."

You can use any decent melee gear to kill the Giant mole, but using Dharok's set while having a high Hitpoints level is the best.

"Having more than 90 Hitpoints is very useful as it will result in applying more damage to the Giant Mole when you reduce it to 1 point (using the Dharok's Set).

Note that the Giant Mole will never apply damage to you as long as you pray Protect from Melee."

Having the Falador Hard Diary completed is very useful since it gives you the Falador Shield 3, which can be used to track the Giant Mole.

Things you will highly need:

  • Spade
  • Dwarven Rock Cake (to reduce your Hitpoints to 1)
  • Any Light Source (Inextinguishable if possible)
  • Falador Shield 3

Killing one Giant Mole shouldn't take more than 90 seconds following our recommendations, making it possible to kill around 40 Giant Moles per hour.

Overall, this method is not better than the Lizardman Shamans, but you can do it if you get bored of the Shamans or if your Melee stats are higher than your Ranged level.


If you are a F2P player, follow the easy F2P money making methods to make a small budget, invest it into a better F2P strategy to make enough money for the Bond.

After that, pick a suitable P2P method according to your character's stats, including your Melee/Ranged levels, and try to make the most out of it to buy the best in slot gear according to your plans.

For P2P players, if you have enough money to start killing Lizardman Shamans, we are highly recommending doing it until at least you get one Dragon Warhammer as a drop.