Complete OSRS Splashing Guide

Complete OSRS Splashing Guide

RuneDeal · on February 27, 2021 (Modified February 27, 2021)

Training combat skills in OSRS is usually considered a very long process. However, some combat skills like Magic or Prayer do not take that long to reach level 99. In the case of training OSRS Magic, the process depends on how much OSRS Gold you are willing to spend.

Usually, it is better to spend OSRS gold or "invest" it in training combat skills since it is much easier to make that money back once you reach a high level.

But some players would prefer using a cheap method, especially if it offers the ability to be kind of AFK.

That's why many players tend to train their Magic by using a method called "Splashing," which allows you to spend a minimum amount of money in addition to being AFK while training your Magic.

The importance of training OSRS Magic

Getting your Magic to a high level, significantly above level 90, has many benefits. It allows you to use various teleports almost anywhere around the map. You will also unlock Magic combat abilities used in PVE to make money or PVP to PK other players.

There are also many other benefits, such as unlocking some spells that allow you to do other activities such as crafting much faster.

Magic generally requires Runes to use the wide variety of spells you can unlock at the high Magic levels. Some of these Runes are pretty much expensive; thus, we can say, even using some Magic spells is costly.

Overall, players can use some of these expensive spells to shorten other things, such as Crafting. But usually, the combat spells are not so expensive.


How to train Magic OSRS

You can train your Magic by using expensive methods, whether one of these costly non-combat spells to craft items or expensive combat spells to train on killing monsters.

OSRS splashing is also an excellent method to train your Magic if you are unwilling to pay that much. The low sensitivity offered by OSRS Splashing allows you to do other activities during the process.

The other expensive Magic training methods are mostly very intensive, and you won't be allowed to be AFK even for a few seconds.

That is why we highly recommend using Splashing OSRS to reach level 99 Magic, even if it takes a long time.

This guide will introduce how to splash OSRS to reach level 99 Magic since it is the most used way to train Magic in the game.

OSRS Magic Skill Cape
OSRS Magic Skill Cape

How to Splash OSRS

Splashing OSRS is pretty straightforward and straightforward, and it only requires doing some steps before the actual process of Splashing.

Splashing can hit a target without damaging it while gaining the Magic EXP of the Spell you have used to hit the target. Thus the target will never die, and you will keep gaining Magic experience level as long as you have the required runes for that specific Magic spell.

Also, it would be best if you considered not dying during the process, so the target's choice should be one of the weak monsters in the game that will almost do no damage to you at all.

OSRS Splashing Guide
OSRS Splashing Guide

Splashing Gear

To apply no damage to the target, aka "Splashing" your Spell, you need to have a Magic bonus of minus 65.

This negative Magic bonus can be achieved by equipping a gear that will decrease your Magic bonus.

That gear usually is the following one:

  • Bronze Platebody
  • Bronze Platelegs
  • Bronze Full Helm
  • Bronze Kiteshield
  • Cursed Goblin Staff
Cursed Goblin Staff
Cursed Goblin Staff

But if you have a ranged level of 40, you better swap the Cursed goblin staff to an Air staff (or any other Elemental Staff depending on the Spell you choose) and use a Green D'hide Vambraces. That will reduce the cost of the runes. However, it cannot be done if you are below the level 40 ranged.

You can't use an Elemental staff without using the Green D'hide Vambraces because any Elemental Staff will give you a positive Magic bonus. Thus using A Cursed Goblin Staff is the solution since it provides 0 Magic bonus meaning that it won't affect your Magic bonus.

The Cursed Goblin Staff can be obtained from Diango, the merchant located west of Draynor Village Bank.

The monster you should fight.

The monster you would be using the splashing method against can be any monster in the game, but it is highly recommended to be very low.

We recommend the Rats as the most suitable Monster for Splashing, and they can be found near Lumbridge Castle.

Rats can attack you all the time globally, and they won't do that damage to you. You will need no food to heal yourself back.

The amount of time you can be AFK is 20 minutes; after that, your account will log out automatically due to inactivity.

You should keep in mind that the monster you choose should be attacking you back; otherwise, your account will automatically log out after just 5minutes.


The Spells you can use

When it comes to Splashing OSRS, you can use any spell you want to train your Magic. The Spell you should use depends on your budget and the EXP ratio you can achieve by using it.

The spells you can use for the early Magic levels are not so expensive as they require very cheap Runes to use them. And anyway, you won't have many choices for the early Magic levels.

Also, to make your character auto-attack the target, you should not forget to turn on your Auto-Retaliate after choosing the Spell you want to use.

The following spells are your most decent options until level 35 Magic:

Wind Strike

  • Required Magic level: 1
  • Required Runes: Air & Mind
  • Cost per Cast (Without air staff): 7 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With air staff): 3 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 5.5
  • EXP Ratio: 6600/Hour
Wind Strike
Wind Strike

Water Strike

  • Required Magic level: 5
  • Required Runes: Water, Air & Mind 
  • Cost per Cast (Without air staff): 12 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With air staff): 8 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 7.5
  • EXP Ratio: 9000/Hour
Water Strike
Water Strike

Earth Strike (Better to use Earth Staff instead of Air)

  • Required Magic level: 9
  • Required Runes: Earth, Air & Mind 
  • Cost per Cast (Without Earth staff): 15 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Earth staff): 7 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 9.5
  • EXP Ratio: 11400/Hour
Earth Strike
Earth Strike

Fire Strike (Recommended until level 35 or higher)

  • Required Magic level: 13
  • Required Runes: Fire, Air & Mind 
  • Cost per Cast (Without Fire staff): 27 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Fire staff): 12 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 11.5
  • EXP Ratio: 13800/Hour
Fire Strike
Fire Strike

Once you reach level 35 Magic, your options will become more expensive, that's why some players tend to keep using the Fire Strike even until level 99, but it will mostly take too long time.

The following spells are your best options until level 60 Magic:

Earth Bolt

  • Required Magic level: 29
  • Required Runes: Earth, Air, & Chaos
  • Cost per Cast (Without Earth staff): 74 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Earth staff): 62 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 19.5
  • EXP Ratio: 23400/Hour
Earth Bolt
Earth Bolt

Fire Bolt (Highly recommended until level 60)

  • Required Magic level: 35
  • Required Runes: Fire, Air, & Chaos
  • Cost per Cast (without Fire staff): 87 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Fire staff): 67 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 22.5
  • EXP Ratio: 27000/Hour
Fire Bolt
Fire Bolt

Wind Blast

  • Required Magic level: 41
  • Required Runes: Air & Death
  • Cost per Cast (Without Air staff): 221 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Air staff): 209 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 25.5
  • EXP Ratio: 30600/Hour
Wind Blast
Wind Blast

Water Blast

  • Required Magic level: 47
  • Required Runes: Water, Air, & Chaos
  • Cost per Cast (Without Air staff): 236 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Air staff): 224 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 28.5
  • EXP Ratio: 34200/Hour
Water Blast
Water Blast

Earth Blast

  • Required Magic level: 53
  • Required Runes: Earth, Air, & Chaos
  • Cost per Cast (Without Earth staff): 237 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Earth staff): 225 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 31.5
  • EXP Ratio: 27800/Hour
Earth Blast
Earth Blast

Upon reaching level 60 Magic, Splashing's available options until level 99 will be even more expensive, especially after level 75, so choose wisely according to your budget.

The following Spells are your choices after level 60 Magic:

Fire Blast (Highly recommended until level 75 Magic)

  • Required Magic level: 59
  • Required Runes: Fire, Air, & Chaos
  • Cost per Cast (Without Fire staff): 251 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Fire staff): 226 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 34.5
  • EXP Ratio: 41400/Hour
Fire Blast
Fire Blast

Wind Wave

  • Required Magic level: 62
  • Required Runes: Air & Blood
  • Cost per Cast (Without Air staff): 420 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Air staff): 400 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 36
  • EXP Ratio: 43200/Hour
Wind Wave
Wind Wave

Earth Wave

  • Required Magic level: 70
  • Required Runes: Earth, Air, & Blood
  • Cost per Cast (Without Earth staff): 448 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Earth staff): 420 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 40
  • EXP Ratio: 48000/Hour
Earth Wave
Earth Wave

Fire Wave (Highly recommended until level 99 Magic)

  • Required Magic level: 75
  • Required Runes: Fire, Air, & Blood
  • Cost per Cast (Without Earth staff): 455 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Earth staff): 420 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 42.5
  • EXP Ratio: 51000/Hour
Fire Wave
Fire Wave

Wind Surge

  • Required Magic level: 81
  • Required Runes: Air & Wrath
  • Cost per Cast (Without Air staff): 393 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Air staff): 365 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 44.5
  • EXP Ratio: 53400/Hour
Wind Surge
Wind Surge

Earth Surge

  • Required Magic level: 90
  • Required Runes: Earth, Air & Wrath
  • Cost per Cast (Without Earth staff): 433 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Earth staff): 393 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 48.5
  • EXP Ratio: 58200/Hour
Earth Surge
Earth Surge

Fire Surge

  • Required Magic level: 95
  • Required Runes: Fire, Air & Wrath
  • Cost per Cast (Without Fire staff): 443 coins
  • Cost per Cast (With Fire staff): 393 coins
  • EXP per Cast: 50.5
  • EXP Ratio: 60600/Hour
Fire Surge
Fire Surge

Although you can keep using Fire Wave from level 75 Magic until 99, it is better to use Fire Surge at level 95 if you have enough money for it. 

That's because, after level 92, the amount of EXP needed until level 99 is the same amount of EXP required from level 1 to 92, so these four levels until level 99 are not a few levels as they may seem.

High-Level Alchemy Training

Using the High-Level Alchemy spell starting from level 55 to turn items into OSRS Gold while training your Magic at the same time is also a decent method to train your Magic. It is a typical training way and efficient one if mixed with training other skills simultaneously.

High-Level Alchemy spell requires 5x Fire Runes and 1x Nature Rune. The items you can use for this process vary and depend on the market prices.

Use this method only if you seek a cheap and fast process, but an intensive one as well.


Training your Magic using expensive and fast methods will be intensive but short compared to OSRS Splashing. You can use it if you have no problem with not being active during the whole process.

One of the fastest-expensive game methods is killing Maniacal Monkeys; however, this method's requirements are very high.

You can keep using Fire Bolt until level 99, but we highly recommend using at least Fire Bolt if you are limited to a low budget.

Choosing to Splash spells to train your Magic over any other faster training method is considered better as you won't spend actual effort in doing so.

It will take a long time, but all you need to do is interact with the account every 20 minutes instead of logging out.

Splashing NOTE: If you buy the Runes from the Grand Exchange, you have to pay attention to the Runes buy limit. That means there is a certain amount of Runes you can buy every 4 hours from the Grand Exchange.

To overcome this issue, you have to use multiple accounts to buy more runes than the available amount.